Cleanliness and Sanitation Committee

Cleanliness and Sanitation Committee

“Let's be keen to Clean.”

The Committee:

Sanitation is defined as - “conditions relating to public health, especially the provision of clean drinking water and adequate sewage disposal.”
India has the highest number of deaths of children from age 0-5 due to diarrhea-related diseases caused by lack of access to water, sanitation, and hygiene. According to statistics, 2.3 million children below the age of five, die every year, out of which 3,34,000 die from diarrhea-related diseases. With sanitation being such an important issue, we think that cleanliness and hygiene are extremely important and Swachhalay not only inspects the local toilets but documents it and sends it to the Municipal Authorities with suggestions based on their research.

The NGO:

Swachhalay- Sanitation Drive to 2019, supports the UN sanitation campaign working to meet the Millennium Development Goal sanitation target and end open defecation. They intend to work towards achieving sanitation for all citizens, starting with a target group comprising of the poorest and the most vulnerable people.
Swachhalay is an initiative with a vision of making Mumbai more livable and hygienic for every citizen.
Their team is already out and about interacting with local citizens, Municipal Corporation authorities, students, and others. They have even inspected nearby toilets and after receiving approvals, would begin to optimize 2 nearby public toilets on a trial basis by ensuring that they’re clean, have proper water supply and rectify any drainage problem, if needed. They even plan to approach schools and colleges to paint these toilets through graffiti art . Apart from all this, they would even document their research and send it to the Municipal authorities, make blueprints for an ideal toilet, spread awareness through drives.

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