Education and Empowerment Committee

Education and Empowerment Committee

“Education is key, if its success you want to see.”

The Committee:

The education sector.
When it comes to contributing to the prosperity of society, Education is the key instrument to national human resource development. In the competitive global dynamic today, education for all has become an especially pertinent concern. In the last, the quality of education in India has diminished. Those families who can afford are availing education provided by private/ commercial institutions, and in the name of universalization, some kind of throw away education is being offered to the underprivileged.
A fairly huge amount of money is spent for upliftment of the education standard in Govt. school but efforts are going in waste without effective monitoring. To say that there are no funds for quality education for the young children has become clear evidence of non- commitment of the Govt. towards the citizens.
Thus arises a need for a capable education sector to provide quality and equitable education for all under a common curriculum to culminate in the euphoric balanced, progressive and economically prosperous society we dream of.

The NGO:

Rajani Foundation India, initiated under the vision of its founder, Mr. Aniket M Salvi, is a non-profit organisation established in 2015. Begun with the aim of delivering happiness to less privileged ones and make the privileged one realize their responsibility towards the society, the foundation today has achieved extensively in its pathway towards raising the country’s education standard and social responsibility.
The organisation has culminated various initiatives to contribute for an all-inclusive development for Indian society. ‘Each One Teach One’ being one of the major initiatives through which the members have adopted 190 students from rural Maharashtra for the goal of increasing literacy and education statistics among the underprivileged.
Some of their other initiatives include, ‘Clean-a-thon’, which is a beach cleaning drive done every year post-Ganpati Visarjan as an environmental awakening generating programme and the ‘SHE’ initiative where sanitary awareness workshops are organized primarily in the tribal areas to make the rural population aware about the availability of safe, comfortable and affordable measures for sanitation.

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