Health Care Committee

Health Care Committee

“The healthier our country, the wealthier our country.”

The Committee:

Health care shouldn’t be a privilege but a human right. Good health is a blessing with which a person can perform all their duties to the best of their capabilities and leave nothing undone. Health is essential for everyone - be it an artist, a leader, a peasant, to work properly towards their goals. “A sound mind lives in a sound body” is a very popular saying which highlights the fact that to have had a peaceful state of mind, one needs to be healthy from within because after all, “health IS wealth”.

The NGO:

With a vision of, “Action Today To Prevent Disability Tomorrow” Impact India Foundation was launched in 1983 as an International Initiative Against Avoidable Disablement and since then has been working to bring together the Government, Corporates and the NGO’s in a large number of health programmes of extreme importance. They have conducted mass projects in the past such as Polio-Free Madras, Bombay Against Disability, Malaria Control in Mumbai. Currently, they’re working on the projects like Lifeline Express - World’s first hospital on a train. It was launched in 1991.

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